Our Work

Empowers and improves
credit unions
and their member's
lives, worldwide. 

Global Good
can help grow 
your business.

Three Ways to Grow Your Credit Union

How We Fund

WF leverages various funds to direct charitable giving by credit unions and their members to ensure that their support is being used for the cause they are passionate about.


Foster Financial Empowerment

Help grow a credit union
a world away and in the 
process, change the lives
of its members and community.SUPPORT PRIORITY

Help Us Get Ahead of the Storm

Be a part of rebuilding 
credit unions and members
affected by natural disasters

The House That Credit Unions Built

Support the care and 
growth of orphans at the
Busia Compassionate Centre.SUPPORT THE KIDS

Join the Global Movement

Our partners around the globe
are critical in supporting and
advocating for financial empowerment.GET INVOLVED

Our Teams



Continuing to provide both value and impact stories to our champions is a key ingredient to increasing and sustaining support of the Worldwide Foundation from the credit union industry.

We pride ourselves on providing engagement opportunities and updates of our work to our champions throughout the year while consistently making sure they feel appreciated and thanked for their support.
Field Notes


Our projects team drives project development around the world to improve financial systems and foster financial inclusion to 50 million new members by 2020. 

We have our hands on the pulse of emerging and innovative accessibility tools and ideas leveraging technology to provide financial services and products to all who desire it.See Projects

Stories From the Field

Everyone has a story to tell. Stay connected to the global credit union community and hear about the Global Good being done worldwide through credit unions.  


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Pick a Tool

From our Global Good Toolkit

That Fosters Financial Empowerment

And Helps Your Credit Union Grow.

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