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Bridging the Gap…in 2020 & Beyond

Each year, December means three things to me: 1) assessing the year about to end, 2) taking a peek at the year ahead and, most importantly, 3) honoring traditions with those we care about. I’m blessed to be able to do all three at home and at work with the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, especially as 2020 comes to an end.

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Global Gratitude

Worldwide, credit unions have stepped up in the face of COVID-19. In my role with the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, I’m blessed to be connected to a network of global peers who continually share stories of support, perseverance and hope that contribute to maintaining member well-being during an unprecedented time of conflict for us all.

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Share Your Impact & Make an Impact by Inspiring Hope for a Global Community on ICU Day

Share Your Impact & Make an Impact by Inspiring Hope for a Global Community on ICU Day

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Masking the Dangers of COVID-19

Imagine access to personal protective equipment (PPE) being a requirement for keeping your credit union movement open during COVID-19. That was the reality for Ukraine’s 23 credit unions in mid-March due to a temporary shutdown. The system reopened on April 2 due to a joint advocacy effort—but only on the condition that all credit unions equip staff and visiting members with PPE.

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How Poland’s Credit Unions Are Counteracting the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The safety and health of credit union employees and members during the COVID-19 pandemic was a priority for all of us at the National Association of Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions (NACSCU).

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Worldwide Foundation Grant to Fund PPE for Ukrainian Credit Union Staff

Teams from two World Council of Credit Unions’ programs are working together to keep frontline Ukrainian credit union workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Everyone Deserves Digital...Right???

Imagine leaving your home early, wearing a face mask and gloves as you head to your local credit union branch. Upon arrival, you see your fellow members wearing their own PPE and standing six-feet apart to keep a safe distance next to a red hashmark on the sidewalk,  while waiting their turn to be called forward to access their accounts and services.

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Credit Unions and the Need for Expanded Digital Service Offerings

The global COVID-19 pandemic has already fundamentally altered—at least in the short-term—how we manage our lives. This includes how we engage with our extended families, our friends, our co-workers and, not to be forgotten, our finances. 

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Meeting the COVID-19 Challenge on World Health Day

Credit unions have always been there to support the financial health of their members. But amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many are now going above and beyond to protect and support the physical health of their employees, members and communities as well.

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Embrace Our New Normal

As we come to the end of a month that celebrates International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we have found ourselves embracing a new normal.

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A Global Women’s Leadership Network journey from the Philippines…to Austria

Centered around taking action for equality and raising awareness against bias, International Women’s Day 2020 sees a number of missions celebrating women’s achievements.  

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Donor Love is a Two-Sided Affair

Love, in any form, is a two-sided affair.

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What’s so ‘good’ about the global good card?

As credit union employees, we experience the power of reliable, affordable financial services each day. But there are millions of people who aren't so fortunate. We believe everyone can be financially successful if they have the tools and resources credit unions provide. And that’s why we launched the Global Good Card: A new way to bring the credit union philosophy to life.

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Top Five Ways to Engage Globally in 2020

Envision your community not having a Credit Union. How would that void affect its citizens, business and way of life? Multiply that to thousands of communities worldwide and picture what our society would be like. 

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An Innovative Strategy for Digital SME Lending in Guatemala

According to the International Labor Organization, small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs) are responsible for more than two-thirds of all jobs worldwide, along with the majority of new job creation.

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The Indiana Credit Union League: Recognizing Global Good

When it comes to the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions mantra—Do Global Good—the professionals at the Indiana Credit Union League (ICUL) don’t just promote it, they live it.

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WOCCU Credit Union Partner Coonecta Leads Interoperable Digital Financial Inclusion in Ecuador

WOCCU’s Ecuadorian subsidiary, Coonecta, is driving interoperable payments in Latin America with its mobile platform BICOO, addressing key barriers facing the unbanked: cost, distance, documentation requirements and a lack of connection to other national payment channels. Credit unions (through BICOO) and banks (through their BIMO app) in Ecuador have simultaneously released interoperable platforms in an effort to increase financial inclusion through new digital channels.

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Champion Spotlight: Connexus Credit Union

When a Connexus employee makes the decision to work for the credit union, they may not realize it at the time, but they are becoming a part of something much bigger than themselves; they are becoming a part of the credit union movement. Often times, it’s the “People Helping People” philosophy that immediately draws people in, and other times it’s something our employees become passionate about over time as they learn of the great opportunity they have to make a positive impact in people’s lives. They learn about this opportunity through experience and through education, and also through the partnerships that Connexus cultivates with organizations such as the World Council of Credit Unions, which provides grassroots support where it’s needed the most.

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Remembering Haiti: Project Storm Break

During July, ahead of the World Credit Union Conference, Field Notes, the official blog of the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, focuses on a core component of its work: disaster relief.

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Getting Ahead of the Storm: Project Storm Break

During July, ahead of the World Credit Union Conference, Field Notes, the official blog of the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions focuses on a core component of its work: disaster relief.

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The Power of Monthly You & Credit Unions

Next week, we'll be making an announcement that we hope will change a key pillar of our work for years to come by helping credit unions worldwide respond faster to challenges they cannot yet see.

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I-CUDE: A Pathway to Changing the World

These inspiring statements (and many others) along with the work that accompanies it keeps those of us who have had the honor of becoming CUDE (Credit Union Development Educators) inspired to go beyond the borders of our communities and our credit unions to change the world, through a specific project that we're passionate in seeing advanced to reach one key outcome: changing member's lives.

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Universally Inclusive: Takeaways from the YP Summit in Brazil

Carmen Vigil, NWCUA Director of Cooperative Momentum, traveled to Curitiba, Brazil with a delegation from the World Council Young Credit Union Professionals (WYCUP) Program and organized by the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) Global Classroom Program. She shares highlights and takeaways from her experience abroad, in her article, "Learning New Ways From the Brazilian Credit Union System to Grow Our Movement Here at Home"

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Building a Cooperative Community: Teachers Credit Union

“We are heirs to the legacy of great pioneers who built a vibrant cooperative community that embodies People Helping People. As beneficiaries of their foresight, dedication and effort, we owe it to them to extend their vision into the future. Our work with WOCCU honors our past leaders and helps others across the globe to be financially empowered.”

— Paul Marsh, TCU President and CEO

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3 Takeaways From Our New WF Video!

Video is king—all marketers and social media experts know this. And with all the exciting new changes and work the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions is doing on behalf of members and professionals everywhere, it was critical we took advantage of new, creative ways to share complex, technical, yet highly impactful work credit unions are doing worldwide to provide basic services to those facing barriers they can't overcome by themselves.

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"Together We Fight"...Safety Brought to Busia Centre

It was a hunch, a simple shot in the dark. I thought to myself, What do we have to lose?

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Sharing Solutions, Changing Perspectives: Financial Center First Credit Union

"Whether you live in Central Indiana or the borders of South America, your local credit union is doing whatever it takes to spread the cooperative principles that credit unions were built upon."

- Kevin Ryan, Financial Center First Credit Union's President & CEO

During May and June, Field Notes spotlights global champions who go into the field with us, sharing their time, talent and treasure, aiding World Council in its mission to grow cooperatives worldwide, which results in changing the daily lives of members everywhere. In doing this valuable work, they are sustaining and expanding the cooperative principles that make us credit unions.

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Three Ways to Recharge Your Cooperative Spirit at WCUC Bahamas

The 2019 World Credit Union Conference will bring together international credit union leaders in The Bahamas, 28-31 July. Our attendees leave the conference with a renewed passion for the global credit union movement after four days of education and networking. Here are three ways you can make the most of your conference experience while reigniting your passion for the cooperative movement at 2019 WCUC.

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Breaking the Barrier: Part 4 - Are You Financially Literate?

I'm sure all of us in the U.S. think we're financially literate. But what does that really mean?

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Breaking the Barrier: Part 3

Breaking the Barrier is a four-part series during April detailing how credit unions provide financial literacy and inclusion to millions during times of instability and conflict.

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Breaking the Barrier: Part 2

Breaking the Barrier is a four-part series during April detailing how credit unions provide financial literacy and inclusion to millions during times of instability and conflict.

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Breaking the Barrier: Part 1

Breaking the Barrier is a four-part series during April detailing how credit unions provide financial literacy and inclusion to millions during times of stability and conflict.

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How the Global Women's Leadership Network Scholarship Changed My Life

The adage is true. You don’t know what you don’t know. Having worked my way up through several credit unions over the last 20 years, I felt I had a strong grasp on the credit union movement.  However, like many others in the credit union industry, my perspective was limited by my exposure. While I attended conferences here and there across the state and regularly participated in local opportunities, there was a whole credit union world out there that I knew nothing about.

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Accelerate & Scale Up Progress...

Access. Acceleration. Progress. All are key for the Global Women’s Leadership Network to be a catalyst for change advancing women in our industry.

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What Does GWLN Mean To You?

The Global Women’s Leadership Network celebrated its 10th anniversary by announcing the launch of its new mobile app to members and supporters at the annual GWLN Breakfast in Washington, DC.  

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International Women’s Day is every day for GWLN

With members from Australia to Nepal, from Jamaica to Ukraine, from the U.S. to Thailand, for the Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN) every day is International Women’s Day.

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B.O.N.D. Community FCU "Thinks Global, Acts Local"

“Think global, act local”
is a mantra for those who strive to leave the world a better place than the one they were born into. No individual ever affected worldwide change without starting close to home.

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Partnership Drives Peach State FCU

Peach State Federal Credit Union partnered with the Polish credit union system in 1996, beginning one of the most significant partnerships in our credit union’s history. Our initial credit union partnership agreement ended after 14 years and we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Polish partnership in 2011 by entering into a new credit union partnership agreement with SKOK St. Brother Albert, located in Szczytno, Poland. Through the 22-year Polish partnership many unique friendships have been developed. We found the international partnership so beneficial that in 2016 we entered into a relationship with National Health Service Credit Union in Glasgow, Scotland, a participant in the Association of British Credit Unions, Ltd. (ABCUL).

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Two Weeks in the Global Classroom

The late, great Anthony Bourdain once said - “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world, you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you.”

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The Road to 2025...

In 2014 one of the most common requests that we heard from members was for assistance in increasing membership growth and, in particular, growth of young adult members. In 2014, World Council launched Vision 2020. We took stock of membership levels as of then and projected what an increased membership growth could achieve. World Council launched several exchanges, publications and showcases of best practices in membership growth and in attracting young adults. Country members took on the challenge of membership growth as their own and applied their resources and their talent to the vision.

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Five Things You Should Know About...

The Kenya Field Engagement: What We Saw, What We Learned

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