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Accelerate & Scale Up Progress...

Access. Acceleration. Progress. All are key for the Global Women’s Leadership Network to be a catalyst for change advancing women in our industry.

A vehicle to make this happen: the new GWLN mobile application!

This month, GWLN celebrated its 10th anniversary by announcing the launch of its new mobile app to members and supporters at the annual GWLN Breakfast at GAC in Washington, DC. It's a direct result of the work from a team at Colorado-based Elevations Credit Union that recognized the need last year at the annual GWLN breakfast and stepped up to make it happen.

Elevations Credit Union worked with a team of interns who made this a reality in just six months, and today membership and donations to GWLN can be made directly via the app.

Listen to their unique approach while they share this experience with us! If you haven’t already, download it and be part of the catalyst for change.


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