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At the Bottom of the Pyramid

In March, we returned to Busia Kenya, to the orphanage that credit unions built. We did basic service work, painting and repairing facilities, planting banana trees, mixing cement and laying tiles. We cooked and entertained the children. Why an orphanage?

We worked with credit unions, or SACCOs as they are known in Kenya, to expand their financing to small farmers in the rural areas. Each village was supporting a number of orphans who had lost parents often due to the HIVAIDS epidemics. Yet there was no safe place for most orphans to live.  Many orphans simply fell through the cracks. 

Credit unions began contributing to pay for the education costs for the children. Credit unions around the world contributed to build an orphanage where the children would have clean water, gardens, fruit trees, safe dormitories and classrooms. Children now had a chance for better safety, health and education and an opportunity to be productive members of their society.

As they do everywhere, credit unions responded to the local stresses of their communities and found solutions that empowered the rural villages, the children affected and the small farmers that they served.  Thank you for your support,

Safe Travels,


Brian Branch
President & Chief Executive Officer
World Council of Credit Unions