Supporter Updates


Progress at Busia

Worldwide Foundation continues to support the Busia orphanage with food and school fees. In 2018, after young girls at the orphanage had been harassed by men who tried to break into their dormitory, Worldwide Foundation called for donations to build a protective wall around the orphanage.

We were able to stop in Busia while in Kenya earlier this month. We reviewed progress on the wall building project. The footings have been placed for the wall all around the compound. We startled one snake out of the brush as we walked around the perimeter. They had to remove several of the bushes and trees that were along the perimeter. Next, the pillars of rebar reinforced cement will go up.

Rocks are being cemented into place between the columns. The stone wall has gone up around about one half of the perimeter. The wall extends to the roadway and a guard post at the gate still needs to be completed. Once erected, the stone wall will need to be faced with cement.

While construction continues, the children play in the garden area to the rear of the compound.

To provide support to the Busia community, the orphanage pays for local masons and day laborers to build the wall. The orphanage has completed approximately one half of the new wall construction. We expect the wall to be up by the end of this month and the concrete facing will continue through January. We remain grateful to you for your support in providing a safe place for the children to live.



Brian Branch
President & CEO
World Council of Credit Unions