Bridging Credit Union Gaps Worldwide

Four gaps divide credit unions and their members from prosperity and growth.

Each of our four initiatives seek to eliminate gaps around
digitalization, safety, gender inequality and leadership.

Join us in our journey of bridging credit union gaps around the world!

Digital Gap

Our mandate to Bridge the Digital Gap helps members access services they need while reaching millions who still lack access to financial services. Our Priority Fund supports the World Council’s Project Development work, focused on expanding and sustaining credit unions through digitalization.

Gender Gap

By Bridging the Gender Gap using the Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN), we leverage a passionate community of over 4,500 individuals within 150 Sister Societies at home and abroad that inspire and empower change in leadership growth and financial access.

Leadership Gap

By Bridging the Leadership Gap using the World Council Young Credit Union Professionals (WYCUP) program, we intentionally share and develop strategies putting young professionals in positions of leadership to effect change and advance engagement in credit unions and their communities.

Safety Gap

By Bridging the Safety GapProject Storm Break fund responds to disaster relief and allows credit unions to safeguard their communities. We bring  resources and disaster relief to credit unions in need around the world. 


Global Engagement

Distinct and unique opportunities await for you and your institution to engage with the global credit union movement.

Global DE

Start your journey to obtain your International Credit Union Development Educator (ICUDE) designation via engagement with the Global DE community. 

Global DE is comprised of seven (7) CUDE programs located worldwide, each with its unique approach in offering the CUDE program designation. 

Annually, the ICUDE application portal opens in at the start of the year, closes in April and the annual ICUDE class is recognized at the World Credit Union Conference in July. 

Global Bridges

Looking for new ways to retain, recruit and engage talent?

Global Bridges is an all-in-one resource, giving you unique international credit union experiences to offer your team members learning, networking and development opportunities.

WYCUP Affiliates Network

The WYCUP Affiliates Network represents a new framework for connecting with your peers around the world. Together we're building a global community of young professionals. Connecting is the first step on our journey together!

Join the WYCUP Affiliates Network today and connect your career to the world!

Global Good Card

Attract and reach new members while doing Global Good that grows and sustains credit unions worldwide!

Learn more about this affinity credit card product in how it can help your credit union.

Communities of Caring Story Project

Share your credit union story with the international credit union community!

A collaborative venture between Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions and Ms. Martha Rozen, a OneAZ Credit Union board member seeking to illustrate how credit unions have transformed lives worldwide. 

GWLN Pink Paper

What are the obstacles holding women back in advancing to leadership roles in credit unions? What are our members saying? What are industry leaders saying?

All of this and so much more in the GWLN Pink Paper WE for SHE.