Field Notes Blog Post: Bridging the 2020 & Beyond

Each year, December means three things to me: 1) assessing the year about to end, 2) taking a peek at the year ahead and, most importantly, 3) honoring traditions with those we care about. I’m blessed to be able to do all three at home and at work with the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions, especially as 2020 comes to an end.

Looking back, philanthropically, there were few to no comparisons to lean on when trying to assess our ability to reach our aggressive engagement and fundraising goals during the year. Through an extraordinary group of credit unions, CUSOs and individuals (you know who you are), we exceeded our expectations—and that is a testament to the giving spirit of this community, even in the most uncertain of economic climates. We will end the year having made history, and in turn, will have the capacity to extend credit unions even further worldwide. In terms of impact, our programs thrived.

Interested to see a video of how the 2020 Champion Gift was created? Click here .


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