Communities of Caring Project


WHAT IS Communities of Caring?

The Communities of Caring project is a new initiative led by the Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions and Martha Rozen, Board Chairperson of OneAZ Credit Union will collect stories from diverse people who have benefited from a credit union, then compile them into a book to preserve to share for today…and tomorrow.

Book proceeds will go toward providing communities around the world with educational resources and financial literacy tools.

WHY is it important? 

Everyone has a credit union story – and we want to hear yours!

Credit unions enrich the lives of the individuals in their communities by providing services that enhance their financial well-being. Behind each member, employee, and partner is a story of how a credit union has made a difference for them. How has it impacted you, your team, and the people you serve?

HOW do I share my story?

In three easy steps you can share your story and enjoy those of your colleagues worldwide!

  1. Submit your story online here.

    Write your own story and/or ask your team (branch managers, associates, colleagues, etc.) to share their most memorable stories about how they’ve impacted local members or communities. Recount specific acts of caring and giving back to members (e.g., helping a member pay for healthcare or funding a non-profit or business during a time of need). Small, noble acts of charity are just as important as the great ones.

    Share both a story summary (50-100 words) and a full story (between 350-700 words). Attach 1-2 images to support your narrative!

  2. Email your story to

    Fill out the attached form and include a story summary (50-100 words) along with your full story (350-700 words + images) on or before Friday, May 1st, 2022.

  3. Sit back and see stories highlighted in print, online and social.

    Follow Worldwide Foundation on Twitter & Facebook to stay up to date with each story shared.

Thank You for Sharing!