International DE (I-CUDE)

Thanks to the leadership of international credit union partners, there have been several DE Programs created outside of the U.S. These independently-managed programs offer extended learning opportunities for DE Program Alumni.


International CUDE Designation

The Credit Union Development Education (DE) program is designed to provide credit union employees and volunteers with a greater understanding of the international credit union system and opportunities for continued engagement.

The International CUDE Designation (I-CUDE) is available to DE Program Alumni who meet a certain level of international experience and is offered in partnership with the International DE Programs.

Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions is a strategic partner with the seven CUDE programs around the world in advocating, fostering and growing DE programs and the CUDE/I-CUDE designations to credit union peers to seek out greater engagement with our credit union world.  


I-CUDE Application 

Start your journey to become the next I-CUDE. Download, fill out and return to your home country's DE Director for review on or before Friday, April 15th 2022.


Information on International DE Programs

The Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions encourages you to contact the following individuals and organizations if you are interested in learning more or attending one of the following international DE programs.


Africa DE (ADE)

Operated by: Africa Confederation of Co-operative Savings & Credit Associations

Program Director: George Ombado

2022 Dates: February 6-11 and February 11-17 in Kenya


Operated by: Saint Mary’s University

Program Director: Karen Miner

2022 Dates: May 29-June 3 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Caribbean DE (CaribDE)

Program Director: Melvin Edwards

2022 Dates: January 9-14 in Trinidad & Tobago; February 6-11 in St. Lucia

European DE (DEEU)

Program Director: Donald Urquhart

Philippines DE

Operated by: VICTO National

Program Director: Dudz Samson

United States DE

Operated by: National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF)

Program Director: Chad Helminak
Education Manager: Maggie Wolff Development

2022 Dates: There are currently no sessions open for enrollment. To be added to the waiting list or notified about 2022 sessions, please email Maggie Wolff, Development Education Manager