What is Global Bridges?

Global Bridges is the first stop on a journey into our global movement of credit unions and financial cooperatives. It’s a platform for engagement that connects networks across World Council (WOCCU) and Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions (WFCU) to advance solutions to our shared global challenges.

Global Bridges offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences to create a customizable professional development journey for individuals, credit unions and supporting organizations. 

How can Global Bridges support your goals?

Solutions to our shared challenges.

As an engagement initiative, Global Bridges advances career and institutional growth through the crowdsourcing of solutions. From governance and membership growth to the digital transformation of financial services and climate resilient communities, Global Bridges reflects the thematic issues most important to the future of the sector.


Add Value to Existing Programs

Global Bridges Study Tours provide and add value to credit union employees at all levels through sharing insights on member services to migrant populations, support to entrepreneurs, expansion to digitalization and innovative products for SME's.

Win the War for Talent

We aid credit unions to win and retain talent by offering engagements that grow networks among skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. Our initiatives foster new connections and professional growth for all levels through networking with and learning from experts.

Expand Your Perspective

Expand your network, perspective and influence with Global Bridges by hosting or participating in a Study Tour. Contact us for more information.


How does Global Bridges add value to existing programs?


Global Bridges Interviews

Hear directly from the participants on how Global Bridges has benefited them and their organizations.
Watch all participant interviews on the WOCCU YouTube channel here

Bridge Books

Learn more on what to expect while on a Study Tour.

The Global Credit Union Podcast - Episode 37:
Great IDEAS for Credit Union Digitalization in the Caribbean

Listen to how the Caribbean engaged Global Bridges to grow their digital credit union system during the COVID-19 pandemic with NACUFOK.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many credit unions around the world to lose the face-to-face contact they had with members in their branches. That was especially difficult for credit unions without widespread digital capabilities, because those same members were then unable to process transactions virtually.
It was under those circumstances that led the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU) to reach out for assistance from the National Credit Union Federation of Korea (NACUFOK), which has one of the most digitally forward credit union systems in the entire world. Their conversations led to a World Council of Credit Unions' and Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions' Global Bridges engagement to have NACUFOK assist CCCU with digital growth, which has now come to life with Caribbean IDEAS.


International Cooperative Agreements

International Cooperative Agreements provide a framework for your organization to support our global impact through deeper engagement with cooperative financial institutions around the world through:

• Longer-term engagement and a solutions-focused workplan.
• Peer-to-peer learning through an operational deep dive and strategy insights.
• Standardization and replication of successful models, products, services and initiatives.

From Korea to Brazil and everywhere in between, WOCCU is connecting cooperative financial institutions through International Cooperative Agreements to grow membership, raise visibility and relevance, expand digital services, empower women and youth and coordinate sustainability efforts.


How can you win the war for talent?


Global Bridges

Learn from your peers around the world and share insights on global challenges to be a part of the solution. Join a study tour or host a study tour with Global Bridges.

Global DE

Grow your understanding of the international credit union system and reach greater opportunities for engagement.

Global Women's Leadership Network

Connect with credit union women from around the world to share insights on global challenges and build each other up.

World Young Credit Union Professional Network

Collaborate with young credit union professional from the global movement on shared credit union challenges and share experiences to be a part of the solution.

Virtual and Networking Events

Collaborate with young credit union professional from the global movement on shared credit union challenges and share experiences to be a part of the solution.