Advancing digitalization for credit unions around the world.


Our mandate to Bridge the Digital Gap helps members access the services they need, while expanding the credit union reach to the millions of people who lack access to financial resources. Our Priority Fund supports the World Council’s work funding initiatives that spur digital readiness and evolution in individual and national credit union systems. 

Impact of Digitalization

Through the WFCU digitalization grant and WOCCU’s Credit for Agriculture Producers Project, more than 70 Ukrainian credit unions transformed with digital services for their members.

"Digital solutions are key for credit unions to remain competitive in the financial services market of Ukraine, attract young members and start serving legal entities."


Digital Gap Resources


2023 Impact: Bridging Global Credit Union Gaps

See how your donations and our work helped bridge the gap for credit union members in 2023!

Dreams Realized: Yargelis Hererra

The Digitalization of the Global Credit Union System: How WOCCU measures digitalization of the credit unions to reach their goal of a digitalized system by 2025. 

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